What sets us apart?

1) Students work at their pace, independently from other students. Gifted students are not held back; difficult concepts are not rushed!

2) The vast majority of teacher instruction is done one-on-one. We are able to teach directly to the individual student.

3) We maintain freedom from governement intervention. Therefore, since we are not required to follow the Common Core system, we are able to make our decisions based-upon what we determine to be best for each student.

4) We maintain an average student:teacher ratio of 12:1. Students are guaranteed to get quality time from their teachers!

5) As a private institution, we can more effectively maintain a healthy learning atmosphere. All students must view their attendance at Cornerstone School as a privilege.

6) Our individualized system provides remarkable flexibility. This allows us to offer programs for online learning as well as cooperative efforts with home school families.

7) We can boldly proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior!!! We exist first and foremost as a ministry. Living one's life with Jesus is central to our educational process.

How Does It Work?

We have two multi-grade learning centers. Students in grades K-4 have a variety of group activities as well as individual workbooks. Students in grades 5-12 are each given their own office space with a computer. All students are required to complete daily goals in their work. Students start a new concept by teaching themselves. Teacher help is typically initiated by the student when additional assistance is desired. The majority of the work is completed at the school. Some of our students can even complete their schooling WITHOUT homework!

Several other activities are integrated into the schedule which include choir, band, art, physical education, lecture classes, science labs, videos, and field trips!

Through individualized and self-paced learning centered around a relationship with Jesus Christ, we are producing students capable of transforming their surroundings and teaching themselves whatever task is placed before them. Our primary philosophy in the educational process is to teach the student how to learn, a skill which is far more vital than simply learning information.

Our graduating students consistently achieve above the national average on the ACT and have routinely performed well in college! In fact, our very first student to attend Cornerstone School from kindergarten through 12th grade finished her undergraduate work with the highest possible honors from Oral Roberts University and earned a master's degree with honors from Augustana University!

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