Full Time


We utilize two multi-grade learning centers: K-4 and 5-12, with students in grades 3-4 spending some time in each learning center. Both learning centers spend the majority of the day on an individualized work plan with some group activities also integrated into the schedule.

All students are required to complete daily goals in their work. As grade level increases, progress is increasingly more directed by the student, with teachers readily available when students require additional assistance. For the motivated student, the majority of the work can be completed at the school, and it is even possible for students to complete their schooling WITHOUT HOMEWORK!

Other activities integrated into the schedule include: choir, band, art, physical education, lecture classes, science labs, field trips, and guest speakers!

Most importantly, our educational process at Cornerstone is centered on a relationship with Jesus Christ. We are producing students capable of transforming their surroundings by recognizing their identities as new creatures in Christ!

Our primary philosophy in education is to teach students both how to learn and how to live. These skills are far more beneficial than merely learning information.

Our graduating students have consistently averaged above the national average on the ACT and SAT and continue to perform extremely well in college and beyond!