Part-Time for Home School

Cornerstone School's individualized system allows us to work hand-in-hand with home school families. The decision to home school is a large responsibility. Many home school families have appreciated being able to work with us to receive support in their home schooling efforts.

Part-time students attend as little as a half day a week and may attend up to two days a week. Cornerstone School functions as an available resource to the home school family, while the home school parent remains in control of choosing the curriculum and the overall educational process.

How does it work? Students arrive at school with their curriculum and any necessary materials to complete their work. Parents send a "to-do" list along with the student to accompany their curriculum to guide the school's staff for that day. Part-time students participate in any Cornerstone School activities for that particular school day. Also, part-time students are welcomed to join us for special activities regardless of the regular schedule (i.e. field trips, choir performances, guest speakers).

Part-time students must be able to complete schoolwork without a constant teacher presence. Therefore, it is necessary to provide schoolwork that is appropriate for the setting; the majority of home school curricula will serve this purpose. Because of this, kindergarten and 1st grade students are usually not ready for our part time program.

Click here to read the Part Time for Home School Handbook