How do I register?

Start by calling the school at (605) 335-7084 to schedule a tour. Then go ahead and fill out our Online Enrollment Form and submit a new student registration fee of $100.

Online Enrollment

Do you offer financial assistance?

We do not offer any official program for tuition assistance. Tuition costs are set as low as we can sustainably operate the school. Cornerstone Ministries Inc., which includes Cornerstone Church, views the school as a vital ministry to the community and gladly underwrites the school's expenses to keep tuition as low as possible.

Do you serve a hot lunch?

No, students bring their own lunches. Microwaves and refrigerators are available for student use. Younger students receive assitance in using the microwaves.

Do you have a dress code?

Yes, click here for more info.

What is your weekly schedule?

School starts at 8AM for all students Monday-Friday. On Monday-Thursday, K-4 dismisses at 3:15, and 5-12 dismisses at 3:25. On Friday. K-4 dismisses at 11:50, and 5-12 dismisses at 12. Extended learning becomes available on Friday afternoons for students in grades 2-12 who need extra time to complete their work.

Are you accredited?

No, Cornerstone School has absolutely no desire to seek accreditation! We meet or exceed all state academic guidelines for high school graduation. We are not interested in being burdened by a system designed to create uniformity in education, which ever-increasingly is becoming antithetical to a Christian worldview. The freedom we have to meet each individual student at the place which best benefits them is a much higher priority. Cornerstone students have never been prevented from entering a college or university on the grounds of the accreditation of their high school. Such institutions are far more interested in the standardized test results of the ACT or SAT. Cornerstone students are not kept ignorant from opposing ideas, but rather they are trained to walk according to the peace of God placed within them by the redemptive power of Jesus Christ!