Part Time For Homeschooling

Part-time for homeschooling is a homeschool hybrid program for grades 5-12. Families can schedule students to work at the school for up to 2 full days/week or up to 4 half days/week. 
Because of the different schedule and methodology in our lower level learning center, part-time is not available for grades K-4. If you are in the Sioux Falls area and you would like part-time schooling for younger students, we recommend Acton Academy.
Our part-time program offers 2 options:
1) Part-Time: Homeschool parents/guardians remain as the primary teacher and continue to utilize their own curriculum.
2) Part-Time+Online: Cornerstone teachers become the primary instructors. The curriculum is provided by Cornerstone. Parents/guardians supplement by ensuring proper completion of schoolwork at home.
Available Times:
Monday-Thursday: 8AM-3:25PM
Friday: 8AM-12PM
(Half Day Schedule Availability: 8AM-12PM or 12PM-3:25PM)
Please contact the school for more information or to schedule a tour: (605)335-7084.
Part-Time Tuition
(Tuition costs are annual. Monthly payments are available.)
One Day a Week: $1155               
Two Days a Week: $1815           
One Day a Week + Full-time Online: $2750
Two Days a Week + Full-time Online: $3410